I’m very very happy to announce that my blog EatDressTravel.com became more “adult”and from today he is the Website EatDressTravel.com!
It means that I’m not alone anymore 🙂 Now I have what I’ve been dreaming about since I started – a team of talented and cool people that love to eat, to dress up and to travel a lot! I think we still need one month more to stabilize everything and after I’ll introduce all of them to all of you!❤
Just want to make a small tour around my website! We have some new columns such as “Art”, “Piece of the Day”, “Who are they?#”, “Important Opinion”, “#Streetstyle by #…”, “My Look”, “Hot Hot News” “YouTube chanel” and “by Anastasiia M”!
“Art” is the column where you’ll read interesting interview with Ukrainian artist and not only! As I’ve been to such situations when people abroad know more about Ukrainian art then here in Ukraine!
“Piece of the Day” is the column where we will post one thing per day which inspired us so much with the quality or style that we want to put the  tag #musthave! 🙂
“Who are they?#” is about brands that doing really good at their insta account! Who really knows how to manage Instagram! And who produce really stylish and good quality things!
“Important opinion” will be the place where different and really interesting people will give their opinion about some topics!
“#Streetstyle by #…” and “#Look” will be the spaces where I’ll share with you my style and my outfits, they way of mixing the closes and the best pieces of new collections!
“Hot Hot News” It should be really “Hot” news 🙂 so just follow us and you’ll be always the first to know something interesting!
YouTube Eat Dress Travel is my channel where I’ll share all the latest video! Like today one!❤
“by Anastasiia M” – this is my space! 🙂 Here I’ll write what I want and when I want :)) Sometimes just thoughts about relations sometimes ideas about how to be dressed! Sometimes I’ll make somebody angry or upset as you’ll easily recognize whom I’m writing about but mostly it will be positive and happy posts!… may be :))
With Love from Anastasiia M