1. Your flight lands at 14:00 and you’re just starving because you haven’t been eating airplane food for god knows how long! But then someone tells you: ” sorry, lunch is over, dinner starts at 19:00″. Best case scenario you can get a cheese toast in, but you’re going to have to wait tirelessly until the clock hits 19:00.

2. It’s finally 19:00, you’re extremely hungry and feeling so tired that you’re trying to not fall asleep, so you ask for a coffee(americano, latte, espresso). Then you see the waiter staring at you with his eyes out, thinking to himself: “Coffee? Right before dinner? A latte that’s supposed to be had at breakfast?” Now he definitely thinks that you’re some kind of alien or just a completely delusional human being!

3. So it’s time for dessert, and I ask my man(who happens to be Italian) to get a cup of green tea for the cake, since I’m honestly too ashamed to be seen by the waiter. With a sorry voice he asks for a cup, and turns out they don’t have any green tea, just regular black tea! But they’re going to bring me a pot of it with just enough water for an espresso 🙂

4. The next day comes around and you’re ready to take a stroll through the city. At first I’m like ” yeah I know I look good, I’m sure they(Italians) don’t see anyone like me walking around”. Five minutes later ” I think I’m SUPER pretty”. But then I’m like “maybe there’s something wrong wih me?”. In half an hour I’m running back to the room to get in front of a mirror to see if something is wrong, but I realize on the way there that Italians aren’t just looking at me! They check out everyone on the street and for them it’s just such an everyday thing! They literally scan you with their eyes, and I honestly have a hard time getting used to it, I constantly get this urge to walk up to them and blatantly ask them “What’s Up?!”

5. Lunch time! I’m not missing it today and will be seated at the table 13:00 sharp! But something seems off about the waiter again, he’s confused and dazzled by my request of a freshly squeezed apple-carrot juice! Unfortunately they only have freshly squeezed orange juice, and it’s only served during breakfast hours! OMG!

6. If you like to drive and decided to rent a car to tour Italy by yourself you need to remember this one very important rule: passing on the right side of the road is ILLEGAL! Locals are adamant about enforcing this law, so if you pass a couple of cars on the way to your destination, don’t be surprised to see a police car catch up to you at some point! Best case scenario you’ll just get a fine. One of the drivers you passed probably called you in to the authorities 😉

7. This tip is just for us ladies! Don’t even think about making a prolonged visit if you have shellac nails! If the time comes to take them off, you’ll be lucky if they just refuse to do it, since they have no idea about what it is and how it works. But if worst comes to worst… Well you should just go with the first option! 😉

8. This one is my biggest fear and I honestly have no idea how to deal with it! It’s an Italian custom to greet each other by giving a kiss on both cheeks, but the problem arises when you have no idea which side to begin with! Back at home we greet each other using our right cheeks, but here you’re supposed to start out with your left one… Or at least I think you are 😀 Otherwise if this isn’t coordinated properly you can end up kissing someone on the lips! It’s fine if it’s your girl friend, but what if it happens with a friend of your boyfriends, while he’s there awkwardly watching the scene unfold!
I didn’t choose the number 8 just because! Each day I learn, see and experience something new ( I think this is gonna go on forever 🙂 ) And if I used to get real angry (mostly because I was hungry between lunch and dinner!), now I always look on the bright side of things! I explain to my new friends how to make tea, and I now know where to get a really tasty panini for a quick bite! Travel, and travel as much as you can and whenever you can, you’ll develop an understanding and an appreciation of the new places you visit, which will in turn make it that much more pleasurable!